History & Facts

Something about Wine

The oldest proof found for wines is way back in 7000BC in China. Other than that, there’s some evidence in Georgia (6000BC), Iran (5000BC), Greece (4500BC) and Sicily (4000BC). The oldest trait for production of wine is of Armenia (4100BC). There are religions in the world that take wine in a sacred rite and then there are religions that forbids the consumption of wine, but its all just religion, wine we consume as a healthy beverage. Even in the painting “The Last Supper“, Jesus is found sharing wine and bread with his followers and asking them to do so in his memory. So the roots can be stretched down a lot for the history and facts related to wine. There are a few variants too in wines.

Main variants of wines are:

  • Red Wine
  • White Wine
  • Rose Wine
  • Fruit Wine
  • Mead (Honey Wine)

It is no unknown fact that wine has some health effects too, positive and negative, depending upon its consumption (will talk about it in next post). Still one just cant force anyone to start drinking wine for its positivity on health. Lighting the fact that wine do has some alcohol level in, so will definitely have an adverse effect for excess consumption. Generally the alcohol contents in wine varies from 5% to 15%. The basic ingredient used to make wine is grapes.

Now there is a trend of cocktails, wine has its own style of cocktails. It does sometimes gives added flavours to cocktails but mostly preferred wine based cocktail is sangria. It is a cocktail that has fruits soaked in it overnight so as to generate the infusion. And while serving the sangria, those fruits chunks are served with the wine as it is, poured in the glass with the wine, those overnight soaked fruits chunks are not removed from it.

Other good cocktail that is wine base is mulled wine. Mulled Wine is mostly consumed in winters as its served hot, and is also known in some parts to help kill the chills one’s body is feeling during the cold weather.