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Whisky or Whiskey? And Origins

If we talk about the origination of Whisky, there ain’t any certain answer to that, but there are claims for it. Scottish and Irish have their claims to be the land where whisky was born.

There are stories surrounding it which claims that Irish brought the art of distillation to Scotland and the Scottish ran with it, and on the other hand there’s a story that says, the first reference of whisky that was recorded was in Exchequer Rolls of 1494. According to this story, the malt was sent to a guy named Friar John Cor to produce aquavitae (meaning, water of life), and thus the Scots claim.


Notwithstanding, the difference between Whisky and Whiskey isn’t just of a letter, but there’s more to it. It is clear that the whisky first came to be introduced to the world by either Scots or Irish, but the original scotch whisky spelled ‘Whisky’ and so as to differ themselves, the American Bourbon, they added an extra ‘E’ to whisky, making it ‘Whiskey’. Now if you notice, its ‘Whisky’ for scotch and ‘Whiskey’ for Irish and American Bourbon. Apart from this, there’s a difference in the make as well. Scotch is made of malted barley, while the Bourbon distilled from corns and the Irish is distilled from grains.

In England, if you ask for whisky, you will be served with scotch, in Ireland you will be served with Irish whiskey and in America you will be served with bourbon.

There are several more nations producing whiskeys now, with Japanese being one of the most significant other than the Scottish, Irish and Americans, however India being the largest consumer of whisky/whiskey in the world. India also has its own whiskey brands, the first single malt being produced in India is Amrut, that came into existence in 2004.