History & Facts

Bourbon Whiskey

A Bourbon whiskey is an American Whiskey that is made from corn and is barrel aged.

How it all began? 

The classic American Whiskey was made by the poor farmers of Kentucky in USA, that too cause the farmers decided to move to Kentucky (and Tennessee) from Pennsylvania and Maryland cause of the rise in taxes there. Though it was poor farmer’s delight and if it wasn’t for them, the world wouldn’t have bourbon today.


In order to make a bourbon, one doesn’t need to be in Kentucky only, New York and Texas too got their own distilleries making bourbons. But, the classic bourbon, straight from Kentucky still remains the most favoured one. The Kentucky straight Bourbon is made from corn, oak and honey. Other ingredients being used by distilleries to prepare bourbon are toffee, vanilla, cinnamon and dry fruits.

Experimentations, refinement, barrelling, ingredients, laws, prohibitions, proportions, barrel size, strengths, warehouses etc all these things came into play from the early 19th century. And the experimentations were started by Rev Elijah Craig and Dr James Crow separately at some point that led to the beginning of this new revolution and open the sea of opportunities for Bourbon.

Now, bourbon comes in flavours; rye and wheat. Each having its own delicacies and bringing up the flavours. Rye brings up the sweet flavours of corn, whereas, Wheat enhances the smoothness and adds up to its elegance.