Crops and Feather

The website was created because of the author’s love for cocktails and colognes. Here we talk about spirits, history of spirits, cocktails, colognes, chocolates and coffees.

Eight Bit Journey is the home of Crops and Feather, along with other websites created by Prakhar Kasera

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Prakhar Kasera

Prakhar is the founder and author of websites AcEsque, Crops & Feather, Curex Wing, EBJ Chronicles and My Hunger Diary. All his websites are under a parent name i.e Eight Bit Journey. He authors articles in genres such as Travel, Colognes, Spirits, Coffee, Personal Care, Tech, Fashion etc. Also he blogs about his foodie and travel experiences.

He comes from a business  background with his education being in Management and Decision Making in an Organisation.

In real life, he loves thrill, adventure, cocktails, travel, food and writing but has no interest at all in books.

There have also been a few media mentions / features. Check them on the Media Mentions page.

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